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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Expect Constrained Democratic Governance for the next Two Years

H. Says

House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi picked a leading
Hispanic congressman Rep. Silvestre Reyes, (D-Texas)
today to head the powerful House Intelligence
Committee, her office announced this morning. Pelosi
sidestepped two more senior intelligence committee
members -- Reps. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) and Alcee
Hastings (D-Calif). -- by picking Reyes, currently the
third-ranking Democratic member of the committee.

After serving in the Army during 1966-1968 as a
helicopter crew chief and gunner, including 13 months
in Vietnam, Reyes joined the U.S. Border Patrol in
1969. He retired after almost 27 years with the
Border Patrol in December 1995 and sought elected
office. Now in his fifth term, Reyes became the first
Hispanic to represent the 16th District of Texas,
which includes the city of El Paso and surrounding
communities, in 1996.

Do you get the feeling that the Bush Adminstration
will be having a long last two years in office?

PS: I hope everyone in the Bush Adminstration has
been fully briefed on the laws against perjury.

Liberty or Death Reply

Do you ever consider why Democrats cannot speak of any ethnic person as an American? This guy has been here 40 years. He deserves to be an American not a hyphenated American. Could it be that Democrats believe being part something else, anything else is better than being an American? Why not American Hispanic? Part of what defines a liberal is guilt for being an American. They think Americans are greedy, have too much of the world's wealth, cause global warming and every other ill in the world. When is the last time you heard a liberal say I am proud to be an American? I love America. America is the greatest, most caring, and most generous nation on earth by far. But liberal elites don't see this America as their utopia. Utopia is where the elite liberals rule with unlimited power to change America to what they want it to be. Only the elite are enlightened to know what the masses need.

Until they achieve this goal america will be spelled lower case and only her ills are spoken, never praise, accept for praise for change. Liberals celebrate diversity even though disparate culture has been and still is the main reason for strife in the world. But they can't see this strife because anything in their utopia is always good. That is why they are busy rewriting the history books for our children. Pick one up. You’re an historian. You won't recognize it.

Liberals want a two-class society, elites and the masses. The masses are poor, ignorant and complacent. They are totally dependent on the elites to tell them what to do and take care of them. Remember the book Animal Farm? Some tell Liberals if you don't like America leave. No way. This is the nation with a governmental system that will allow them to achieve their goals. Once they control 2/3rds of the vote they can change anything they want including the constitution. They can seize the wealth of the rich and enhance their power.

Ever wonder where the american communists went when it was no longer useful to be labeled a communist? The leaders were less communist than elite. They hijacked PETA, the ACLU, women's groups, our universities and other well meaning but leftist causes. Why did they do that? These causes gave them cover, organization, a platform to speak, but most of all a source of money.

The elitists invented political correctness. This is their most brilliant success to date. It allows them to control public discourse. Only certain speech is permitted in public. Incorrect speech (conservative and religious) is vilified. Conservatives that try to speak on college campuses are shouted off the stage by the new brown shirts. Jim Corsi last month, all on tape, and Tom Tancredo at Michigan State just this week. Also on tape. Religion is the rival of Elites. It allows conservatives to control the minds of the masses. This can't be. So elitist’s causes are driving out selected religious speech using political correctness and the courts. Another example. Why are they so vigorous in going after the Boy Scouts? Because that organization is male dominated, patriotic and worse teaches self-reliance and affirms God. Self-reliance and faith in God are the two biggest threats to Elitism and the establishment of Animal Farm in America.

My observation of Pelosi since the election is that she is an extreme leftist elitist, but also a brilliant politician. She recognizes that the far left politicians are champing at the bit to enact their life long dreams. The far left has never been in power before. The 30 year reign of the democrats in 60-94 was moderate controlled. What I think she is doing in choosing committee chairman based on their ability to set aside their own leftist causes and tow the part line. Loose cannons and those with baggage like Alcee Hastings and John Murtha are being marginalized. One more loose cannon to get rid of, Howard Dean.

I have been watching Barney Franks for years. He is extremely articulate, smart but agenda oriented. He is very confidant even affable in a hostile environment. He is a frequent guest on Bill O’Reilly’s show and was on this week. He is very vocal about his causes, but you would never have recognized him. When O’Reilly baited him on income redistribution, one of his favorite causes, he was tight-lipped, silent, but you could tell he was mad. The most O’Reilly could get out of him was raising the top tax bracket to 39%. Why the change? He wants to be a committee chairman controlling the tax code. His controlled silence speaks volumes of Pelosi’s strategy. Senate democrats will be like church mice for the next two years. Pelosi and Hillary will set the agenda for the next two years. That agenda is to establish the Democrats as responsible and moderate. They will cherry pick causes like minimum wage to bring to a vote that won’t reveal their liberal stripe. Amnesty is a sure thing to come up because McCain and Bush will support it making it Bi-Partisan.

Yes there will be investigations. They will be civil and lead to nothing. Their purpose being to keep republican failures in the news for the next two years. Pelosi wants to showcase the Democrats as responsible leaders. Their goal is 2008. Hillary as president and a clear majority in both houses.

H. I hope you are right, that Liberal Democrats are foolish enough to try to lynch the Bush White House. But I fear that they won’t. I hope they behave like the left wing nuts that they are, but Pelosi will not allow it. Also do not expect any Democratic plan for Iraq. They want Bush’s stupid strategy to continue. And based on the talks with Miliki and leaks about the Baker commission Bush is still too stubborn to change. Iraq will continue to slide into anarchy. Americans will still continue to kill and arrest insurgents by the 5’s and 10’s. Yes ARREST. The ROE has the world’s finest military force acting as police. The worst misuse of military power possible.

That's a lot for me to think about DK. At least I haven't seen my Congressperson (Dept. of Peace Dennis)in any photo ops with Nancy recently. He makes her look moderate. The top story on his website is humane treatment of farm animals. I debated sending him a bumper sticker I saw recently, PETA, people eating tasty animials...don't think he'd appreciate it. Of course, I didn't appreciate his previous entry....his call for cutting off Iraq war funds. He probably thinks our military is abusing the insurgents rights by arresting them. Crazy world...I have a hard time understanding...thanks for your thoughtful posts.

This is my personal observation and it is a paradox because I sincerely hope it does not come true. We won't know until January and the new guys take charge. We can only judge them by their actions. So far Pelosi has been brilliant and Hillary is busy in the back room away from the cameras.

Liberty or Death
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