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Monday, November 27, 2006

Middle East Armageddon

A USA Today article says it all. You can add the recent assassination of a prominent Lebanese Christian to the list.

By Cesar Soriano, USA TODAY
“BAGHDAD — A week of unprecedented violence that claimed hundreds of Iraqi lives is prompting intensified efforts to develop a regional solution for the sectarian divisions rippling across the Middle East.
A key U.S. ally warned Sunday that conditions are deteriorating not only in Iraq but also throughout the Middle East. "Things are beginning to spiral out of control," King Abdullah of Jordan said on ABC's This Week. He warned of "the strong potential of three civil wars in the region" and called for action to quell violence in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.
High-level meetings on solving the crisis were in the works. President Bush will travel to the region Wednesday for a summit with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, hosted by Abdullah in Amman, Jordan. Vice President Cheney made a brief visit to Saudi Arabia over the weekend. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani flies to Tehran on Monday to meet with officials of the Iranian government, suspected of aiding militias in Iraq.
In recent days, al-Maliki has been criticized by Sunni and Shiite leaders for not doing enough. Among the critics is anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose Mahdi Army is one of Iraq's most powerful militias. Al-Sadr has vowed to withdraw his support for al-Maliki if the prime minister meets Bush this week”.

Conditions in the Middle East are now set for Iran to make its move. What you say? The article is talking about civil war. King Abdullah is talking about 3 civil wars. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is all the handiwork of Iran, the true evil in Middle East.

In 1979 Religious Mullahs hijacked an entire country. Was that the end of their ambition? No. What was the first thing they did? Test the US by seizing our embassy, an unprecedented political no no. What was our reprisal, a failed hostage rescue mission? What was the world’s reaction to a diplomatic atrocity? Nothing. Iran had the West, especially the US pegged, weak and naïve. Their goal was expansion, but it was left unsaid because conditions were not favorable to make an overt move. Now in recent days Iran has boldly announced their intention to be the new Caliph of the Middle East and to wipe Israel off the map.
The Iran Iraq war was a setback to Iran, but it proved they could fight the largest Middle East army, backed by American help to a standstill.

After the war Saddam remained Iran’s greatest deterrence to expansion. He was a secular leader that had his own ambitions. Iraq sits right in the middle of the Arab Muslim world. Saddam, getting mixed signals from the Bush 1 administration grabbed Kuwait. But Saddam was a military and diplomatic fool. Had he grabbed all of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia it is problematic that we could have rooted him out.

Almost no American knows that Saudi Arabia was a logistics dream come true. They had modern air bases and an entire unused modern port that they turned over to the Americans. This port had 4 lane highways leading off into the desert with no cars. How do I know? My boss inspected the facilities personally. Had Saddam grabbed these bases and made us come over defended beaches it would have been a very iffy thing.

The Americans jumped in and made Iran’s nemesis weaker, but Bush 1 called off the total destruction of the Iraqi army. He feared Iran. He knew Iraq was the counter balance to Iran. So Iran waited, content to build up a strong surrogate called Hezbollah.

But in 2003 a miracle happened. A bumbling altruistic cowboy named Bush 2 decided Saddam was a bigger threat than Iran. Why? WMD. What Bush 2 didn’t tell you was Syria and Iran also had WMD.

Bush 2’s goal was the best of intentions, a democracy that could stabilize the whole Middle East. A worthy goal but was it realistic? A dictator with an army could keep 3 cultures that hate each other under control. What could destabilize that? Destroy the army, disband the remains with their weapons and no jobs, and install a weak coalition democracy over three groups who hate each other. Also fail to remove radical clerics like Sadr. 3 years later fail to choose sides in sectarian hatred. Wear our troops down over three years chasing allusive Al-Qaeda, foreign combatants and Bathists protected by Sunnis. A perfect setting for so called civil war. But Bush’s stubborn insistence to support a united Iraq has driven the Iraqi Shiites into the clutches of Iran. The coming war in Iraq will be a war of expansion by Iran’s new surrogate, the Iraqi Shiites. 100s of billions of aid will soon be destroyed. At the same time Bush has erroded the will of the American people to fight in the Middle East, his greatest failure among many failures. But Bush is no dummy, but he is stubborn. He knew the American press would wear down the will of the American people. Long engagements went out the window with Vietnam. All Presidents know that. Americans will support quick victories, not endless fighting with no clear victory.

Iran should award Bush their highest medal for eliminating their only roadblock and giving them a new surrogate in the Iraqi Shiites. Meanwhile Hezbollah is stronger than ever. Iran is busy arming Hamas, another new surrogate and they have a very capable Syrian secret police to carry out assassinations in Christian Lebanon. Kill enough and the Christians will start a war they cannot win without American help. Peace loving Hezbollah and Syria will defend themselves against the warlike Christians.

All of Iran’s goals achieved by a bumbling fool named Bush. Bush’s stubbornness to achieve an impossible goal will remove America from the Middle East when we are needed the most.

King Abdullah has it wrong. Not 3 civil wars, but Armageddon. Chaos orchestrated by Iran and facilitated by a well meaning but naïve George Bush. The moderate states are so terrified they are beginning their own nuclear programs.

In 2003 Bush had the backing of the American people to do anything in the name of fighting terrorism. What were the best organized so-called terrorists, Iran and its surrogates; Wahabbism, which created Osama, all backed by Saudi money. What did Bush do to these serious enemies? Nothing. He attacked the Taliban and Iraq. With the Taliban now safely in Pakistan waiting for us to pull out, where can the terrorists turn to for help? Iran.

With Iraq gone the greatest threat to Iran is internal unrest. It was always there to be exploited by the US. What did we do in the last five years to cause further dissent? Nothing. What Iran desperately needs is an external threat. Bush’s last act as president will be to bomb the nuclear sites scatted through out Iran. There will be a lot of collateral damage. After the fallout settles the Iranian people will be united behind their thug leaders. Iran should then award Bush a second medal.

Liberty or Death

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