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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why Military Experts and Historians Detest what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan

You won’t hear it in the media or from most of the military pundits, but the current American Strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan violates the most fundamental maxim of military doctrine.

If your not a military student and most are not I won’t bore you with the details. Simply said doctrine is sum total of all the wisdom our military imparts to our soldiers. Its written, it takes advantage of our technology, everyone trains to it. In the heat of battle soldiers automatically execute the doctrine because it becomes a part of him or her. Our doctrine plus technology is what makes the American military far superior to any other in the world. Quite simply our military can act faster than the enemy can detect and react. The enemy is always 2 steps behind in the decision cycle; which is sure defeat.

So how is it that we can crush the Taliban and Iraqi military twice with virtually no loses and now we are having our butts handed to us by 3rd world militias and insurgents? Quite simply, this president is using our finest warriors in a police action, which strips our military of their doctrinal and technological advantages. The bad guys actually have all the advantages. We are non-Arabs in uniform while they look and dress exactly like the civilians we are trying to protect. We sanctify life while they sanctify death.

Back to doctrine. There are thousands of pages, but I will address just one principle. Doctrine is based on military principles that are timeless. Sun Tsu was written thousands of years ago and is still valid to day. Clausewitz is 100 years old and still valid. One of the most important principles is based on the game rock, scissors paper. The game used in the movie Tremors. Paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors and scissors cut paper. One wins completely the other loses completely. Rock on rock is not permitted. The military calls this asymmetric warfare. Our military is the best in the world at applying this principle. If a guy has a gun you hit him with an artillery shell. If a guy has a tank you hit him with a smart bomb from 20 thousand feet. Bad guys die good guys live. More importantly, the bad guys never have a chance.

Back to Iraq. Put all these rag tag Islamists in an open field and we could kill them all without a single casualty. Put them among civilians who won’t rat them out and our advantage disappears. Why? ROEs. Our culture and media won’t stand for high civilian casualties, even complicit civilians. So what is Patraeus doing with our finest warriors, our guys with guns kick open doors and shoot it out with their guys with guns. Its called symmetric warfare. No more “suspected nest of bad guys, call in the artillery; all good guys live.” Now good guys die.

In fact it is worse, the bad guys are the ones using asymmetric warfare on us. Suicide bombers and IEDs/EFPs cause 75% of the casualties with no loss or 1 loss to the enemy. Why? We are in known places traveling up and down predictable roads. Want an analogy you can relate to. Picture all the scumbags in New York or Washington shooting the cops from ambush. The scumbags would have a kill ratio of 10 to one. Why? In less than a second he goes from innocent civilian to killer by whipping a gun out of his pocket at point blank range. It is only the extraordinary skill of our soldiers that keeps our kill ratios at 10 to 1. If the bad guys changed their tactics from hot head shoot outs to pure “sneak attacks”, their kill ration will jump dramatically. What is a sneak attack? Walk past a US patrol, pull a grenade out of your robe and toss it over your shoulder as you duck down an alley and run like hell. Unstoppable with our rules of engagement.

So how do you kill insurgents that hide among complicit civilians without taking loses. With our sanctity of life culture you don’t. It is not a military solution; it’s a political solution. Our military should have left in 2003. Their job was over. The state department’s should have begun, but didn’t. Why? The military takes orders, the State Department does what it wants and does not do what it does not want. State was dead set against this war and is dragging their feet with bureaucratic skill. So Bush is doing what all presidents have done in recent history, he dumps a diplomatic problem on the military, calls a police action a “war” and scams the American public.

Liberty or Death

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The Perfect Hispanic Storm

At the bottom you will find the Hertitage’s comments on the current immigration bill. It is excellent and I won’t add to it here, but I will address the coming impact on the American Taxpayer.

The Heritage foundation is this country's leading expert on immigration. Their recent study report provided to congress focus on the real issue, money. Immigrant households with less than a high school education cost we taxpayers 20K annually in federal and local taxes. Blacks Whites and Asians cost much less. Their upward mobility success is near zero, in part because they refuse to assimilate. Their kids have the highest drop out rate, teen pregnancy rate and crime rate. All part of the 20K.

There are more Hispanic immigrants in the US then all other cultures (except English) combined in the history of the US.

If we don't stop Spanish immigration dead the country will be bankrupt in 20 years as 40 million Hispanics not only cost us 2.2 trillion annually in our tax dollars but they will be hitting social security with this bill just when the system is going broke. The poor will get poorer and the rich richer. The middle class will all but disappear. We will become a third world country, rich and very poor, middle class gone, jobs outsourced.

Then there is the significantly more important cultural impact on America. We will become a multi - cultural state with Hispanics bringing and retaining their culture rather than assimilate. There is very little to admire about that culture other than hard work of first time immigrants. Their kids are arrogant, lazy and violent. Their treatment of women is second worst only to Arabs. They bring with them a disrespect for law and personal responsibility, no use for education, and MS 13, the largest gang in the world. They have no problem with fake IDs, driving without insurance and not paying taxes.

In 10 years they will own the states of California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and North Carolina. California is currently 49% Hispanic. It will go first. What does own mean? Will they become part of Mexico? Hell no. They are not that stupid. They will own the state and local governments and totally control the culture and morals of these states. White flight will accelerate this process. But they will stay a part of the US so the American taxpayer can continue to pay their entitlements.

Who wants this nightmare? The American people are pissed, they live with this problem every day. Why is it being allowed? Simple, a perfect storm. First, big global businesses getting cheap and taxpayer subsidized labor. They are totally insulated. Second, the Democrats got 67% of the 2006 Hispanic vote up from 50% in 2004. They own 90% of the black vote, which they bought with entitlements. They will own 90 percent of the Hispanic vote in 10 years. Combined with a bunch of Republicans like McCain and Kyl who think 33% is better than no percent and could care less about the American people. They will be gone in 10 years. Of course, you will never find a ghetto in Ted Kennedy's back yard. Third, bleading heart organizations like the Catholic Church and other do gooders who support illegals and call all opponents racists and anti diversity. They coupled with big media create the victim image the American people are being silenced with.

What will happen when the burden becomes to great on the taxpaying voters? Washington politicians will start taxing big business. That will be very popular with the people. The fools in Washington can't see or chose to ignore that Big business is mobile. They will escape the taxes by fleeing the country. In short these 3 groups are looking at short term success and could care less about the long term. They know the real scewies, our children and grandchildren don't vote.

Will there be a solution. Yes but it will require a revolution akin to civil war of the net productive people rebel against the net takers. This will bring about a third party that caters exclusively to net taxpayers.

Liberty or Death

Q & A on Immigration Reform

Compiled by Heritage Foundation policy analysts
June 4, 2007

Question: Supporters say this bill does not provide amnesty to illegal immigrants. Why does Heritage disagree?
Answer: Because we’ve read the bill. It grants amnesty. Immediately.

· The provisional Z visa acts as a magic wand, instantly conveying legal status on illegal immigrants. With a provisional Z visa in hand, immigrants are instantly protected from deportation and authorized to work anywhere in the country.
· The bill stipulates that the federal government can start issuing provisional Z visas immediately upon enactment, and must start issuing them within six months.
· The bill grants illegal immigrants massive benefits (subsidized college tuition rates, free legal counsel for agricultural workers, etc.) in return for a token fee--$3,000 for an individual, $5,000 for a family of five.

Question: Why does Heritage believe this bill would actually slow down immigration enforcement measures?
Answer: Because the bill effectively puts the immigration justice system on ice.

· ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents are barred from detaining anyone who may be eligible for a Z visa. Instead, they must give those they apprehend a chance to apply for the visa. It’s like turning the Drug Enforcement Agency into a needle-exchange program.
· Immigration judges are required to close any deportation proceedings against illegal aliens if it appears they may be eligible for the Z visa.
· Even absconders who have flouted previous deportation orders can avoid deportation by showing that it would result in “extreme hardship” for himself or a family member—a loophole so huge you could drive a truck through it.

Question: Does this bill strengthen U.S. border security?
Answer: No, it does virtually nothing new to secure U.S. borders.

· Its “proposals” to increase security personnel, surveillance technology, and crossing obstacles at the border are mostly already required by laws like the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Repeating the same requirements strengthens nothing.
· Instead, the bill assures illegals of amnesty before security is tightened. Amnesty provisions would take effect as soon as the 700-mile fence required in the 2006 act is 47% complete.
· The bill uses false metrics to measure security. It repeats requirements to take security measures (additional border Patrol Agents, expanded detention facilities, vehicle barriers and fencing) without requiring any reduction in the number of illegal entries. Border security performance standards are lacking.

Question: Should Americans be worried that some of the bill’s enforcement provisions will violate their privacy?
Answer: Yes, Americans should be deeply troubled.

· The bill requires that all 7 million U.S. employers use an electronic ID system for all job applicants—even their own relatives.
· Anyone that wants a job will have to first be logged into a massive, government database so employers can verify their eligibility.
· This expensive approach raises serious concerns about invasion of privacy and identity theft.

Question: What are the fiscal costs of this legislation? How will it impact taxpayers, both in the short-term and long-term?
Answer: The proposal will generate tremendous demand for costly public services and assistance programs.

· Just paying for the retirement portion of the amnesty provision of the bill will generate a net cost of some $2.3 trillion dollars on U.S. taxpayers.
· Amnesty recipients are likely to impose a net cost (benefits received, minus taxes paid) on U.S. taxpayers throughout most of their lives.

Question: Does the bill adequately address the issue of guest worker programs?
Answer: Not really.

· While the bill includes many provisions that would help create a viable Temporary Worker Program, it unfortunately requires a cumbersome, bureaucratic approach to placing guest workers in jobs.
· Specifically, it would require the U.S. Labor Department to certify the need for each job opening.
· Worse, it would require guest workers in a variety of private sector occupations to receive “prevailing wages.” Why should non-citizens be guaranteed “prevailing wages” higher than the federal minimum wage for citizens?

Question: Does the bill currently being debated in the Senate parallel the failed immigration reform law passed in 1986?
Answer: Yes. The 1986 law granted immediate legal status to individuals unlawfully in the United States, as does this proposal.

· Like the current proposal, the 1986 law included additional conditions such as a criminal background check, payment of application fees, and acquisition of English language skills. The core of the law was nevertheless an amnesty that excused the intentional violation of American laws.
· About 2.5 million individuals applied for legalization under the 1986 law. Now the unlawfully present population in the United States is estimated at five times that number.
· The framers of the 1986 Act promised rigorous enforcement of immigration laws. This included an employer verification system and a focus on workplace enforcement. These efforts failed to stem the growth of the undocumented workforce. Nevertheless, the authors of the current bill propose a similar strategy.

Question: Will this bill adequately strengthen workplace enforcement laws and penalize employers who hire illegal aliens?
Answer: The bill requires every employer to use an invasive, unreliable employment verification system that civil libertarians and personnel executives view as hopelessly impractical.

· The bill would spend $400 million to build a new Electronic Employment Verification System—a monster database that would collect biometric data, photos, Social Security information and financial and licensing records for everyone seeking employment.
· Every employer would have to screen every job applicant—immigrant, citizen, even relative—through this system or face steep penalties.
· Unfortunately, EEVS will be based on a much smaller, error-plagued program (BASIC PILOT) established by a 1996 immigration law. A 2002 evaluation of that program determined it failed to protect employee privacy from inappropriate access by employers, government agencies and outside interests.
· BASIC PILOT is also plagued by frequent “false positives,” erroneous information that cost innocent workers their jobs. The law prohibits judicial review of such mistakes, making it virtually impossible to challenge errors or recover lost wages.

Question: What new rights and privileges will illegal immigrants applying for a Z visa obtain under this legislation?
Answer: It bestows all the rights and privileges sought by legal immigrants, as well as some privileges unavailable to them… and unavailable to U.S. citizens.

· Receipt of even a probationary Z visa instantly changes an illegal immigrant’s status to “legal.” They are free to seek employment, enroll in schools, travel throughout the country, etc., ahead of those individuals who played by the rules and await the opportunity for legal entry.
· They are eligible for in-state tuition rates at state universities, thereby entitled to tens of thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer subsidies. Meanwhile, those on regular student visas, as well as out of state citizens, must pay tuition rates three-to-four times higher.

Question: Many have expressed concerns about how this bill was put together and the short amount of time being allotted for full Senate debate. Are those concerns legitimate?
Answer: Yes.

· The bill was written in secret, by only a handful of Senators, and brought to the floor without any meaningful scrutiny.
o The “final” draft bill wasn’t available until after the bill was introduced. (Last year’s failed bill was used as a “dummy” bill during the initial votes.)
o Meanwhile, Senators were working off different versions of the bill, promoting error and confusion.
o Even the “final” draft featured major omissions and errors.
· There have been no committee hearings, no expert testimony given, and no significant opportunities for debate. To date, there have been only seven amendment votes, despite the fact that hundreds have been introduced.
· The American people have not yet had a chance to study the bill fully. The Senate should let them digest it, and make their views known, before taking up this bill.

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