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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush, a President Living in a Fantasy World

Last night, 16 Oct. Bill O’Reilly aired an interview with our President. He asked some tuff questions about Russia’s support for Iran. In particular arms support. Bush categorically said no, at least nothing substantial. He said why would Russia support Iran’s nuclear program. Putin knows missiles can go north as well as east and west.

The Blog Sites have been all over this issue. I’ll pick just one to quote. Joel C. Rosenberg, author and blogger has an in depth article on Russian support for Iran. Here are 2 quotes from his web site:

“Putin has sold Iran and North Korea billions of dollars worth of arms and even nuclear technology. He is arming America's worst enemies for war, and in so doing, Russia has joined the "Axis of Evil." Yet on this critical issue, official Washington seems to be in a true state of denial.”

“Russia signed a $1 billion arms deal with Iran in December 2005, providing the radical Islamic regime in Tehran high-speed missile and other high-tech weaponry, despite Ahmadinejad's call to annihilate the U.S. and Israel two months earlier. Russia is building nuclear facilities for Iran, training over 1,000 Iranian nuclear scientists, and running political interference for Iran at the U.N. to prevent us for imposing economic sanctions that could slow down Ahmadinejad's feverish bid for nuclear weapons.”

You should read the whole article on Joel’s website. It is well documented.

What missile defeated the Israeli top rated defenses and hit the Israeli ship in the Lebanon War? A missile made by Hesbollah? At best Bush misled the American people. At worst he lied. Why would Bush say something on national TV that could easily be refuted? Answer, he is trapped by his foreign policy where he has labeled Russia as a friend and Putin as a personal friend. Friends do not harm friends. This is “old 2 super power foreign policy” thinking. Caught by a tuff question by O’Reilly he reverted to a canned answer. On the same night as O’Reilly, Bill Marr and guests touched on the same failed policy issue. Essentially, stop labeling everything as black and white. The world is not that simple. For once Marr was right on. We can at the same time praise Putin for support on Korea and condemn him for supporting Iran.

If we are to survive as nation in this dangerous 1 super power world, we need to start acting as the only super power. We should label harmful behavior of any leader as such and call on him to stop. More importantly, the American people and the world need to hear straight talk from the leader of the one super power. Third-rate nations need to walk on eggshells; the United States is the only nation that can tell it like it is. Bush proved he is not up to this task. He is still a captive of our failed 2 super power foreign policy.

Putin is an enemy of this country and he's been proving it over and over lately. Why the Bush administration can't see this is beyond me!
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